10 Mistakes Founders Make on LinkedIn

Photo from Sigmar Recruitment
  1. You post generic comments: Generic comments don’t attract new followers. You need to add value and thought leadership to the platform.
  2. You post long comments: People don’t come to LinkedIn to consume content, they come to not get bored. LinkedIn rewards efficiency!
  3. You post after a post has gone viral: After a post has been out for two weeks no one cares about it anymore. This includes the author, the LinkedIn algorithm and your audience.
  4. You don’t respond to comments: Responding to comments rewards you with the algorithm and your audience by making them feel seen (Bonus: Respond fast, assume 12+ hours after the fact are irrelevant to the algorithm).
  5. You share articles on LinkedIn: Shared content doesn’t get views. Write your own content!
  6. You post late in the day: You want the post to “live” for as long as possible. Meet your audience where they are and when they want to consume content, aka in the morning.
  7. You don’t post enough: Most successful LinkedIn profiles post ~5.2x per week. Try to train your audience to know when they can expect to see your content and be on the lookout.
  8. You don’t respond to DMs: This impacts your Social Selling Index (SSI) on LinkedIn. The platform wants to know you care about your audience and engage with them.
  9. You don’t comment on relevant posts: This is an efficient way to grow your own audience by tapping into posts of like minded individuals and people with similar interests.



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